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A passionate learner, with 6.8 years of professional experience in IT analytics along with 1.5 years of experience in data science and engineering. Predictive modeling, data processing, data mining are my work of expertise using machine learning & other traditional techniques. An enthusiastic team builder, Interested towards solving real world problems using various AI technologies with a can do attitude and focus.
  • Completed twelve months program on applied AI with more than 30 assignments and real world case studies on machine learning and deep learning algorithms.
  • Developed ML & DL models on publicly available data sets to solve few real world problems like :
  • Predict if the driver is going to initiate an auto insurance claim in the next year based on the existing data collected by one of the Brazil’s largest auto and homeowner insurance companies using XG Boost, Random forest, Light GBM algorithms.
  • A research work to Identify bird species from large audio data which is a multiclass (264) classification problem using deep learning algorithms like CNN.
  • Published few articles on social publishing platform regarding the real world problem solved. Provided detailed analysis on GitHub and Medium.
  • Implemented sequence to sequence encoder-decoder architecture with various attention mechanisms to translate Italian to English language.
  • Involved in freelancing to implement and learn data science through various worldwide business problems like a research work related
  • Skills:
  • Data Analysis
  • Visualization
  • Python
  • ML Algorithms
  • SQL
  • PyTorch • Keras • TensorFlow
  • Matplotlib • Seaborn • Plotly
  • Numpy • Scikit-learn • Pandas
  • OpenCV • Librosa • GCP • AWS

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