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Professional with strong data science background and strong statistical analytics skills is interested in fulfilling the responsibilities of a Data Analyst in a reputed organization. Bringing specialized expertise in p and statistical models useful for helping upper management make profit-pulling decisions.
  • Worked on 70+ Projects as a Freelancer with clients all over the world. (Data Analysis, Data Visualization, R, MYSQL) Skills- Proficient in SQL, Excel, Python, IBM SPSS, and R Studio
  • Worked on following projects:
  • Did project on Optimal Threshold Selection on Machine Learning Classification.
  • Created a Helmet detection system that shows persons using and not using helmets on construction sites
  • Created a movie recommender system using django python using multi layered perceptron
  • Developed classifier using neural net to predicts brain states using EEG waves data also to find optimal channels of brain to record data
  • Did clustering analysis to classify different distilleries across the map of Scotland based on 12 different subtypes of whiskey tastes
  • Did tweets analysis for sentiment analysis both with textblob and Neural nets
  • Identified trends using Data visualization on Bibliographic data. Taught Z-score, probability distribution, and hypothetical testing.
  • Created best-practice reports by data mining on data sets and Performed regression, T-test on Microsoft Excel

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