Python Django Developer


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Python Django developer with 3+ years of experience in web application development.
  • Ability to write structured, quality, better readable and reusable python django program.
  • Good understanding in Django ORM, MVT architecture and programming.
  • Handled following responsibilities as a python develeoper:
  •  Interacting with client and get the actual requirement.
  •  Designing project architecture and Database as per client need.
  •  Application development as per client requirement.
  •  Task assigning and coordinating with freelancing developers and frontend developers.
  •  Code reviewing and testing the functionality.
  •  Code deploying into the live server
  • Python Django
  • Django Rest Framework Database designing
  • Sql Github/gitlab
  • Html5 Css3
  • Bootstrap React

Educational Details

Diploma in Mechanical Engineering

  • Department of Technical Education Bangalore

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