Harikrushn Radadiya

React and Next JS



(per hour)


I have great skills with experience in React.JS, Next.JS, and so on.

✤✤ I have a total of 3+ years of experience in

💪 React.JS

💪 Next.JS

💪 Redux, React Form, Table

💪 MUI, Antd

💪 Bootstrap, HTML5, jQuery, JavaScript, CSS, API/REST development/integration, and so on. ✤✤

I have a professional coding method and a quick turnaround time for a task.

I have experience in GIT, Trello, Bitbucket, and JIRA.

During work, I will share updates. I would like to know more in detail so that I can evaluate the precise time frame.

Can you please contact me for the same? Looking forward to working with you.



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