Joshy Joy

System Developer (FullStack)


(per hour)


Highly skilled and adaptable System Developer with a background in full-stack development.
  • Experienced in translating user requirements into overall architecture and implementing new systems.
  • Proficient in front-end languages such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, as well as JavaScript frameworks including Angular JS and React.
  • Skilled in server-side languages such as Python, Golang and Java.
  • Familiarity with database technologies such as MySQL, SQL Server, and MongoDB
  • Projects Managed:
  • 1. NXT 2.0 - Subbrokerage Platform
  • Design, develop and optimize NXT 2.0 features, Angelone's own sub-brokerage platform.
  • Design, development and integration of brokerage payout mechanism.
  • Implemented automation testing, Load testing, alert and monitoring.
  • skills: Golang, Python, JavaScript, Vue.js, GRPC, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, RDS, AWS Redshift, AWS S3, Terraform, Cucumber framework, Gatling
  • 2. Document Scripting Library
  • Implemented a document scripting module that enables users to write a custom script to extract specific data from pdf documents and ingest the same to the knowledge base.
  • skills: Python, Flask, Django, Tensorflow, Machine Learning
  • 3. Automated email report-generating system
  • Designed an email report-generating system that gave clients insights about the customers interacting with their virtual agents.
  • The system delivers complete user chat sessions, including user data, User profile type, user intent, and topics triggered, which helps the client understand their user's needs more efficiently.
  • skills: Python, Flask, Django, Pandas
  • 4. Form-filling virtual assistant
  • Designed a virtual assistant feature that assists customers in filling out different pdf forms in the financial domains.
  • Clients can annotate their uploaded document forms, add custom instructions, group different form fields with entities and add triggers to initiate form filling to assist the process inflows.
  • skills: Python, Javascript, TypeScript, Flask, Django, Angular

Educational Details

Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science

  • Kerala Technological University

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