Manish Vaidya

Data & Analytics


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Experienced Data & Analytics professional with over 12 years of strong track record in consulting and leading analytics teams to develop and implement successful data driven solutions. Deep understanding of AI technologies and their applications in various industries, including predictiveanalytics, cross/up sell models, customer analytics, and personalization etc.
  • Analytics- Customer Analytics (campaigns, segmentation, retention, Next Best Action (NBA), Next Best Offer (NBO), Customer Value Management), Digital & Retail Marketing Analytics, Supply Chain and Logistics, Network Analytics and Optimizations
  • AI / ML - Classification, Regression, Clustering, Statistical methods, Natural language processing (NLP), Time Series analysis, Deep learning (Neural networks)
  • Programming & Tools – Python, SQL, R, Databricks, PowerBI, Tableau, MS-Office Suite
  • Cloud Platforms- Azure Synapse, Azure ML Studio, AWS Sagemaker, AWS S3, Lambda, EC2

Educational Details

Master of Science

  • Imperial College Business School

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