Rajesh Kumar

RPA | UiPath | Power Automate | .NET | C# | Selenium | Data Scraping



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I am a Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Specialist with 8 years of experience in Web Scraping, Data Scraping, Data Mining, and Automated Data Entry in a variety of industries such as insurance companies, banks, and other businesses. UiPath, Power Automate, Selenium, Winium, Sikuli, and FlaUi are my go-to automation tools. Technologies and tools: - Languages: JavaScript, HTML5, Jquery, BootStrap 4, CSS3, C#, ASP.net, Vb.net, Classic ASP, MS SQL Server, MySQL, and Xamarin - Frameworks and libraries: ASP, Winium, Sikuli, and Selenium - Cloud Platform: Plesk, CPanel, Google Cloud Platform, Amazon AWS, and Parallel Panel - Database: MongoDB, SQLite, SQLCE, PostgreSQL, SQL Server, and MySQL - Additional Tools/Platforms: Regex, AppScript, Android, iOS, and Windows

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