Shivam Sahil

Scala Developer


(per hour)


  • Working as a Senior Scala Developer on multiple Scala-based Microservices on Apple Maps Team
  • Improved and modified gradle dependencies and CI/CD pipeline of different services.
  • Primary Tech Stack Worked On: Nx Monorepo | Node js | Jenkins| Github CI/CD | Playwright | Jest | NEXT js | Express | React | NEST js | GraphQL | Scala Play Framework | Adobe Experience Manager | Contentful | Redux
  • Created Cached API Client module in apollo GQL to serve cached requests in resolvers using request hashes to avoid duplication in API calls
  • Created custom CI/CD GitHub actions involving build bundle size check, linting, unit, integration and e2e testing with GitHub managed secrets
  • Recursion based Nested JSON editor to edit JSON up to nth depths (React + Typescript) Migration of CMS from Contentful to Adobe Experience Manager (Scala Play Integration with GraphQL, HTTP Assets & Query Builder API)
  • Migrated Context API based state management to Redux toolkit along with unmounting clean-up optimizations and reducing repetitive API calls.
  • JavaScript/ TypeScript (React JS | Next JS | Nest JS | Express | React Native | Jest | Apollo) | 3.5 years of Experience | Proficiency Level: 10/10
  • Web Apps (Zustand | Redux | Webpack | Turborepo | Nx | JWT | Sessions and Cookies) | 3.5 years of Experience | Proficiency Level: 10/10
  • Scala (Play Framework | u-pickler | case classes | pattern matching | functional programming) | 1 years of Experience | Proficiency Level: 6/10
  • HTML and CSS (Tailwind | Sass) | 3.5 years of Experience | Proficiency Level: 9/10
  • Python (Pandas | NumPy | Fast API | Flask) | 3 years of Experience | Proficiency Level: 9/10
  • Google Cloud Platform (Compute Engines | Cloud Functions | Schedulers | Pub sub | Big Query) | 2 years of Experience | Proficiency Level: 6/10

Educational Details

Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

  • Birla Institute of Technology And Science–Pilani

Work Integrated Learning Programme in Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. | Undergoing the ML & AI course (first semester) to expand the knowledge horizon across the Data Science andrnArtificial Intelligence field. | Well mix of theoretical and practical curriculum to ensure end-to-end learning.

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