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17+ years of rich IT experience with rich IT experience and 5+ Years as DBA
  • 10 + Years into Oracle DBA
  • 6+ Years into Amazon Web services and used Elastic IP, EC2, VPC, ALB, cloud watch and cloud trail services.
  • As an AWS manager services using terraform and Cloud formation templates.
  • Worked on AWS Storage services EBS, S3, FSx and EFS.
  • Used Security services like WAF, Shield, Security
  • Worked on servers’ migration (both database and application) using Cloud Endure Migration.
  • Setup and configured Disaster recovery using Data guard, Muti AZ across regions and used Terraform for IAAC.
  • Worked as Cloud Architect for DevOps as well as migration projects both AWS and Azure environments.
  • Used appropriate tools like Code commit, code build, code deploy, Code pipeline, Jenkins and Github.
  • Worked on Containerization like ECS, ECR, EKS and serverless Lamda, Fargate, Elastic Beans stack.
  • Worked on governance services like config, organization, control tower, well architect and systems manager
  • Used costing optimization services like cost explorer, budget, cost usage report.
  • Worked on Snowflake in terms of data storage, processing, and analytic solutions that are faster, easier to use, and flexibility.
  • Worked on Oracle R12 application: Architecture, AD Utilities, Autoconfigure, Maintaining Concurrent Manager, Patching issues, FNDCPASS and Space Management issues.
  • Configured AMP with OEM to monitor EBS and related services monitoring.
  • Involved in building RAC database systems, provided active support in proactive health check and reactive troubleshooting.
  • Database administration expertise in design, architect and capacity planning along with setup, patching, upgrade and migration.
  • Worked on Database Performance tuning and SQL query optimization using explain plan, TKPROF, db reports, gathering statistics, running scripts and OEM.
  • Experience in designing, implementing backup and recovery strategies using RMAN and conventional methods
  • Have good knowledge on shell scripting and schedule using crontab as well as OEM

Educational Details

Master of Computer Applications (MCA)

  • KSRM College of Engineering

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