Kathakali Basu

Project manager | Technical SEO & Content Writer


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  As a project manager handled following:
  • Spearhead the technical content team
  • Manage a team of freelancers
  • Plan and manage technical content projects and ensure timely completion
  • Monitor and update stakeholders on scheduled contribution
  • Ensure seamless communication and collaboration between all stake holders
  • Client management
  • Role contribution
  • Identify the scope of improvement while understanding the line of business
  • Suggest content strategy by understanding the target audience, their needs, and purpose
  • Plan content distribution across suggested channels
  • Take client briefing
  • Create sitemaps
  • Create content calendar for retainer clients
  • Coordinate with writers to complete the project on time
  • Website review and consulting for content revamping or fresh website content
  • Individual contribution
  • Technical content – blog, PR, product description
  • Creative content – Advertisement and marketing content
  • Review and proof reading before delivery of content
  • Generate keywords from Google Keyword Planner
  • Technical content writing and development:
  • SEO strategy and design
  • Conduct detailed secondary research while blog writing, article finalization, CIO guides and whitepapers
  • Ensure that the content and the context both are crisply represented with strategized backlinks and references
  • Collaborate with the graphics designing team to include short animated videos with blogs and articles to create an impact and attract the target audience
  • Quora answer contributions – Monthly activity
  • QC of newsletter contributions
  • Daily social media posts
  • Digital marketing:
  • Initiate event partnerships (media partnerships/ research partnerships/ strategic partnerships)
  • Internally coordinate with SEO, graphic designing and marketing teams
  • Promote banner image and design backlink strategies with event management firms
  • Write social media posts
  • Enabler in whitepaper strategy, design and formalization
  • Facilitate bulk email distribution to promote events
  • Collaborate with event managers to finalize on time slots for speakers in these events
  • Collaborate on press releases for the research team – This is an extended responsibility where I do a QC on the content
  • Newsletter strategies:
  • Collaboration with internal teams for newsletter contributions
  • Single handed strategy planning and communications with business leaders across industry verticals to garner guest columns

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