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•          Cloud engineer with over 5+ years’ experience in Azure Cloud, VMWare Virtualization and AWS. Experience in dealing with windows and Linux. •          Good Experience and knowledge on azure web apps, azure functions, Azure Kubernetes services,Azure VMs, Virtual Machine Scale set, Azure active directory, Azure storage accounts, Azure Cosmos DB. •          Experience and Knowledge on an azure virtual network, Load Balancers, Traffic manager, Application Gateway, Front Door, Firewall, Firewall Manager, Web Application Firewall, Azure DNS and Cost Optimization. •          Expertise in implementing Azure Service Offering, such as Azure cloud services, Azure storage, IIS, Azure Active Directory (AD), Blob Storage, Azure VMs, Azure Web Apps, Azure Load Balancer, Azure Key Vault and Azure Monitor. •          Hands on experience on Backup and restore Azure services and in Design and configure Azure Virtual Networks (VNETs), subnets, Azure network settings, DNS settings, security policies and routing. Azure cloud services, Blob storage, Active directory, Azure Service Bus, ASR, Azure Service Endpoints, Privet Endpoints and SQL Database. •          Good Knowledge on Azure devops, Azure boards, Azure repos, Azure pipelines. •          Built CICD pipelines for multiple environments using Azure Pipelines. •          Knowledge of Azure Site Recovery and Azure Backup Installed and Configured the Azure Backup agent and virtual machine backup, Enabled Azure Virtual machine backup from the Vault and configured the Azure Site Recovery (ASR). •          Create and configure a VM’s for windows and Linux. •          Working with Disk level snapshots for Azure VM’s when we require for patching or any changes. •           Hands-on experience in AWS EC2, VPC, S3, IAM, EBS, EFS, Elastic Load Balancer, Auto Scaling.  


•          Operating System : Linux/Windows •          Cloud : Azure and AWS •          Email Service : Office 365 and Exchange Server •          Configuration Management: Ansible •          Version control System : Git •          Databases : SQL Server and MYSQL. I have experience in Azure and AWS Administration. Expertise in implementing Azure Service Offering, such as Azure cloud services, Azure storage, IIS, Azure Active Directory (AD), Blob Storage, Azure VMs, Azure Web Apps, Azure Load Balancer and Azure Monitor. Searching for Job on Azure Administration.


Project Lead

  • Business Tech Firm
  • March 1, 2017 - continue

• Deploying Secure AKS Cluster with Private Load Balancer and make a route through ingress controller with attached custom Azure Policies for audit.rnrn• Migrating the Local NFS Server to Azure environment through Azure Migrate.rnrn• Making highly available Azure Firewall and doing the load and failure test for Application performance and availability.rnrn• Automating total infra through terraforming deploying through release pipeline in Azure DevOps.rnrn• Managing the Linux server NFS Server and making LVM.rnrn• Making encryption to Azure Managed disk and VMSS through Key Vault Custom keys.rnrn• Automated the Data Disk snapshots through automation accounts and doing server backup through azure backup.rnrn• Migrating dot net framework applications to azure app services with minimal downtime and establishing the hub and spoke architecture for landscaping architecture.rnrn• Migrated on-pre ML application to AKS and establishing the auto scale based on utilization through KEDA.rnrn• Performing the Application security and infra security with Brusp and Nessus tools and monitoring the application load through Jmeter.rnrn• Established CICD for code deployment and infra through terraform.

Cloud Engineer

  • Business Tech Firm
  • March 1, 2017 - continue

Deploying Virtual Machines, Virtual Networks, Storage, Backups on Azure as per requirements.rnrn• Working and building end to end solutions and plans like scaling up VMs, rebuilding the already built Virtual Machines in Azure with the minimum of downtime for the Production Application/Websites, Migrating VMs to different storage account/vnet/subnet.rnrn• Preparing Custom Images and Cloning Virtual Machines.rnrn• Troubleshooting of Windows Server / Microsoft Azure issues on basis of tickets (RDP/SSH/SysPrep/Patching).rnrn• Create Blob Storage account and handover the required details to Developer.rnrn• Deploy the Critical applications to Web App services and create the Deployment Slots for the production applicationrnrn• Distribute the Web apps services load through Application gateway with SSL binded app.rnrn• Deployed the Applications hosted in VM’s Cluster to Application gateway with path based routing as per the client requirement.rnrn• Secure the Azure Web apps with WAP and Privet Endpoints.rnrn• Integrate Azure Web App to MYSQL server with Privet connection through Private Endpoints.rnrn• Create AKS Cluster and Containery Registry, handover details to Devops Engineerrnrn• Built CICD pipelines for Azure Web App services.rnrn• Frequently taking backups (both Automated as well as DB snapshots) to have backup copy for standby purposes and also replicating of same database server with same data in other AZs as well as Regions.rnrn• Failover the if Primary region resource effected from Secondary Region.rnrn• Purchase the 3 Year or 2 Years RI for Virtual Machine as per the client requirement.rnrn• Create Service Principals for Authorize with Azure Resources based on the client requirement.rnrn• Creating SQL Server, managing Backups and Recovery the latest backup.rnrn• Restrict the Users access on Azure resources based on given permissions through IAM.rnrn• Migrate on-Prem AD users to Azure AD through AD Connect based on time interval.rnrn• Implemented SonarQube for track the Application code coverage and bugs.rnrn

Educational Details


  • August 1, 2012 - August 1, 2016

B.Tech/B.E.,Electronics/Telecommunication,2016rnUGrnG.V.R&S COLLEGE OF ENGINEERING AND TECHNOLOGY

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