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ReactJS Frontend UI Software Developer



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  • Having 3+ years of Experience in Software Development in Front End UI Technologies (React.Js, JavaScript, Bootstrap, Flexbox CSS3, HTML5).Good knowledge in JavaScript Fundamentals.
  • Experienced in advanced JavaScript features (ES6).
  • Experience in using React JS components, React-hooks, Context API, Router, React-Redux.
  • Hands-on Experience on CRUD operations, Rest APIs.
  • Basic Knowledge of Modern Authentication Mechanism using JSON web Token.
  • Extensive Experience in developing Web page using HTML5, CSS3, JAVASCRIPT, BOOTSTRAP and REACT JS.
  • Experience in Version Control tool like GIT and merging Source code after intermittent Project releases.
  • Expertise in Making Responsive web application.
  • Translated Designs & Wireframes into high-quality code and wrote application interface code via JavaScript following React.
  • Tools: Notepad++, VS Code. GIT, GitHub
  • Script :JavaScript, React.js
  • Operating Systems :Windows 7/8/10


Front End Developer

  • Leading IT Company
  • September 1, 2019 - continue

 Gathering and analyzing requirements from Team Lead.rn Develop User interfaces for Modern Rich Internet Applications with the latest Front-End rnTechnologies.rn Strong Expertise with HTML, CSS, and writing cross-browser compatible code.rn Added the Dynamic validations using Java Script.rn Used props and state to Interact components each other.rn Used Router for implementing routing in the application.rn Hand on and implements complex React Js applications, components.rn Testing to identify bugs and technical issues before and after deploying.rn Documenting bug reports, tickets and any code changes.rn Responsible for guiding new resources about the workflow of project.rn Understand the Complete Source Code Flow of the Application.rn Design the Applications Using HTML, CSS -3, JavaScript, ReactJS & Redux.rn Strong proficiency in JavaScript, including DOM manipulation and JavaScript object model. rn Added different styles to the responsive web pages using CSS.rn Created React components with ES6 syntax features and used Arrow functions to write rncustom methods.rn Created different components using React JS.rn Collaborating closely with the team to support projects during all phases of delivery.rn Performed and Identified system level design and data flow analysis.rn Coordinating with the team to meet the Business requirements.rn Ensuring high performance for web-based applications.

Educational Details


  • Pune University
  • August 1, 2012 - August 1, 2017

Bachelor of Engineering from Pune University in 2017

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