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  • Migration Engineer (AZURE) have much experience on Migration On-Premise, IaaS, PaaS.
  • Supporting for 140 servers, overall 2000+ dbs and application support also.
  • Have experience on on -premise, IaaS and PaaS services
  • Created Keyvaults and have experience on Keys, Secrets and certificates
  • Configured Recovery services vault backups VM’s, IaaS SQL DB’s and Files uploading
  • Worked on storage account, access keys, SAS token, and ADLS. Migrated files from one storage account to another storage account.
  • Migrated SSIS packages to ADF with lift and shift method and installed Self-Hosted IR for High availability.
  • Code deployments in Databricks from one branch to another branch.
  • Having very good experience on Fail-Over groups, Geo replication, sync-to-otherdbs.
  • Monitoring and maintenance of production, test and development environments.
  • Daily activities include monitoring Database, checking error logs, checking the log file size and free space in the data drives, connectivity of the databases.


Migration Engineer

  • August 1, 2018 - continue

Having experience on Microsoft Azure IaaS, PaaS SQL db, Managed instance and ADF rnrnCreated storage accounts and containers, Fileshare, Provided access on that with Access Keys and SAS tokens. rnrnMigrated files from one storage account to another storage account with ADF pipeline and Azure storage explorer rnrnCreated recovery service vault in azure and configured IaaS SQL backups to the vault around 73 servers rnrnConfigured IaaS VM backups also and created backup policies, configured alerts to take if any backup is not healthy rnrnCreated backup policies like full every week Friday, diff backup every 6 hours and Log backup every 15 minutes rnrnWe are restoring these AZ backups randomly every month on on-premise server for the SOX evidence. Whether backups are valid or not and we could restore from AZ backups or not. rnrnIf we dropped any database on IaaS SQL server we will go and delete backup configuration for that particular database rnrnExperience on disk space management and taking proper action on disk increase rnrnCreated VM’s, drives configuration and installation of SQL services. Installed 2017 SQL version also. This is on IaaS server. rnrnCreated resource groups rnrnCreated users and groups on Azure active directory. Provisioning access as per the request and optimizing privileges. rnrnCreating PaaS SQL server and Managed instance as per the request and performed post creation steps rnrnConfigured Point-in-time and LTR backup for PaaS MI dbs. Taking ad-hoc backup like bacpac file and .bak file for MI to the storage account rnrnWorked on automation account to configure the rebuild index job, VM auto down and restart, to delete backup files in storage accounts. Worked on Elastic jobs also rnrnGood experience on PaaS migration. Migrated around 800+ databases from IaaS to PaaS MI (2017 version) and On-Premise to PaaS SQL db and MI rnrnDMA, DMS, Azure Migrate, SSMA, azure storage explorer tool used as migration tool rnrnHands on experience on Oracle db migration to the PaaS MI rnrnCreated 4 Managed instances. rnrnCreated databases on PaaS MI and restored databases one MI to other MI within same region. rnrnRestored databases from PaaS MI to IaaS SQL servers with export method rnrnProvided access on PaaS Mi instance for the users with AAD accounts and SQL logins rnrnWorked on DB encryption on PaaS MI and instance level and azure SQL dbs rnrnGenerating vulnerable assessment on databases and alerts. Taken proper action on alerts. rnrnWorked on performance issue on Azure SQL DB and Managed instance rnrnHands on Azure data factory and moved SSIS packages from IaaS to the ADF. rnrnCreated SSIS integration run time and with this we moved all SSIS packaged as list and shift model. rnrnConfigured alerts and diagnostic setting for the ADF and monitoring the pipelines and fixing failed pipelines rnrnConfigured high availability integration run time with two node and shared node also configured rnrnCreated ADF pipeline for delta load from source to destination dbs rnrnCode deployments in Databricks from one branch to another branch rnrnHands on Keyvaults. created linked servers in ADF rnrnInvolved in data ingestion and transformation also in ADF rnrnConfigured load balancer for some server like high usage servers and with are using only for specific time zone only rnrnWorked on on-premise sql server also like installation, db creation, backups, restores, security, patching, log shipping, mirroring. rnrnWorked on tickets, issue and troubleshooting failed jobs. Disk space issues. rnrnHands on experience on application support and SSL certificate renewal. Running BOTs for the sanity test to test the application functionality

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