Pawan Shukla

Software Engineer [ Android , Flutter, Spring, React ]



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Software developer with demonstrated knowledge of Java, C++, Kotlin, Android, AWS, Google Cloud Platform, ML, ReactJS 
  • Worked on applications involving complex real time architecture and cloud based solutions backed by AWS Rekognition, AWS Lambda, AWS Compute, GCP Vision, GCP Rest Api.
  • Worked collaboratively with team overseas using collaborative platforms such as Atlassian, Notion, Git, Microsoft Azure. Transformed various Adobe XD, Figma designs to published applications on Google Play Store.
  • Working on various technology stacks such as Android (Java, Kotlin, MVVM, Retrofit), Web Apps(Mongo, React, Node). For deployment , making use of GCP, Microsoft Azure, AWS.
  • As a freelancer I worked on different projects from different clients. The projects were based on various technologies such as Android, WordPress.
  • Skills: Java, Kotlin, C++, MERN, Html, CSS, JavaScript, Android, Kivy, Angular, Google Cloud Platform, AWS, Microsoft Azure

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