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  • Frontend developer with good experience in angular, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Agile, bootstrap have done US based freelancing projects.
  • Having more than 5 years of Web Development experience, with proven background successfully managing all facets of site development, from initial design and architecture to back-end development, middleware integration, site deployment and client management.
  • To become a successful professional in a highly competitive technological world where performance is rewarded with new challenging responsibilities and to serve a reputed growth-oriented industry in the field of Design, Development and Maintenance.
  • Demonstrated ability to complete high-end projects in deadline-oriented environments.
  • Experienced in Skills : Angular2+, JavaScript, Django, jQuery and Ionic


Software Engineer

  • Tech Company
  • August 1, 2020 - continue

Frontend Developer with 5+ years of industry experience developing consumer-focused products that millions of users use on daily basis. Experience in delivering end-to-end solutions with support in all phases of the software engineering life cycle. Solution-driven professional excelling in the highly collaborative work environment, finding solutions to challenges, and focused on end-user satisfaction.

Software Engineer

  • Software Firm
  • August 1, 2017 - August 1, 2020

- Developing a ML Analytics website, that will be illustrating data in graphical and tabular - simpler format, from millions of data from back-end. The website is developed in Angular 8 and integrated in Django Frameworkrn- Developed a Switch/ Router configuration and analytics tool for our reputed client. Build on Django, the tool is capable of handling, configuring new switches added to the network, as well as help in notifying any error state detection or monitoring the activities.rn- Developed a ChatBot using Amazon Lex , that can interact with the user and fetch information from Jira and Confluence and show those information in the chat itself in tabular-simpler way. Easy to use and faster than using the Websites directly. Built using Angular6.rn- Developed and revamp into Angular 6 WebApp. Completely renovating the design identity, web application and making it more user-friendly and smooth with added Web security. This revamp bought a 40% increase on revenue.rn- Tested customer-facing prototypes before deployment, applying best practice diagnostic techniques to verify usability.rn- Drafted design timeline specifications to create accurate project deadlines and set budgetary metrics.rn- Worked in Agile-driven environment to effectively maintain project timelines and utilize available resources.rn- Consulted with customers to gather requirements and discuss design choices.

Educational Details


  • Government College of Engineering, Kalahandi
  • August 1, 2013 - August 1, 2017

B.Tech/B.E.,Computers,2017rnUGrnGovernment College of Engineering, Kalahandi

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