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Python Fullstack Developer with 5.2 years of experience in with Backend,building of REST APIs using Flask -Python and integrated with Angular frameworks.Worked on Azure Cloud and AWS for setting up the data bases and the pipelines. Solution consulting and development using multiple BI tools like Power BI, QlikSense, QlikView. Have worked with major databases like PostgreSQL, SQLServer, MySQL.

Details -

1. Worked with cloud platforms like Azure for setting up the data flows flat-file source to cloud hosted database systems.

2. Worked on creating REST APIs using Python Flask framework for the applications to consume data.

3. Testing of the APIs using the Postman tool.

4. Used Power BI Gateways to keep the dashboards and reports up to date.

5. Published reports and dashboards using PowerBI.

6. Conduct user trainings for end-users about the usage of the reports.



  • Swedish Manufacturing Company

1. Worked on creating an application for managing the industry’s end to end user and store management. 2. Designed and created the database to cater the needs of the business users. 3. Develop REST APIs for CRUD operations on the developed data for the application to consume the data. 4. Able to create the application design, the necessary modules using Angular material.


  • Software Program Firm
  • March 14, 2022 - continue

1. Design and development of Power BI dashboards, scorecards, KPI and other reports using the charts and GUI features available in PowerBI. 2. Performed analysis, documentation, for calculation of various attributes.

Educational Details

M. Sc (Integrated) in Computer Science

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