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MERN Fullstack Developer with 4 Years of experience in Software Development which involves Requirement Gathering from onsite counterparts, Analysis, Design, Development, Unit Testing, Implementation and Production Support. • Sound knowledge on Object Oriented Programming OOPS Concepts. Knowledge of deploying and implementing cloud solutions using Microsoft Azure & Azure Devops. • Experience in handling, configuration and administration of databases like MySQL and NoSQL databases like MongoDB. • Comfortable working with MERN(MongoDB, Express, ReactJS, NodeJS) stack. • Experience in designing responsive web pages with HTML5, CSS3, Bootstrap5, Javascript , JQuery , Reactjs and Nodejs ,Express in a hand coded environment. • Hands on experience in using various version controls like GIT, and SVN. • Experience in designing dynamic webpages using EJS. • Strong experience in creating and consuming RESTful API and Web API Services.


Senior Developer

  • January 1, 2022 - June 1, 2022

Maintains all the Cargo related information like Cargo Type, Shipment Type, rnPort of Load, Port of Discharge, and CASP Files. This helps users in rnidentifying the cargo status of the cargo in daily basis. This application is rndeployed in 35 countries with 2000+ users.rnrnDeveloped the application using Class libraries,Services, Data access rnlayer, business logic layer using C# and stored procedures.rnDiscussion with onsite counterparts to come with possible solutions for rnthe requirements. Implementing new enhancements based on the client rnrequirementrnRefactored the legacy code by following the coding standards.rnrnProject s Impactrn Reduced 30% of company cost and chances of containers left behind , by rnsending the response to customs on time.rn Achieved the performance improvement in the application.

Software Developer

  • December 1, 2018 - December 1, 2021

Tracking all activities and details which happens in the port at the time of rnvessel arrival.rn Migrated the legacy application from C# to web application.rnImplementing new enhancements based on the client requirement using rnHTML, Css, Bootstrap framework, Javascript , jQuery and Nodejs.rnUsed mongo DB ensuring Quick response and fast Data transfer.rnDeveloped user interface(UI) using React.js and built resuable rncomponentsrnOptimized components for maximum performance across a web capable rndevices and browsers

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