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  • Blockchain + Application Architect freelancer working Extensively with US and European Clients in both Centralized and Decentralized applications.
  • Worked in Integrating Snowflake with Blockchain and IQFeed API using Apache Kafka, Storm and Spark.
  • Worked in Devops (Terraform + Pulumi + Ansible) and Front End to deploy final build in Production and also worked in developing SAAS based products for Defi and Medical care companies.
  • Worked extensively in ZKSTARK (AIR + AET + FRI + KZG) and also in ZKSNARK (UltraPlonk) especially to develop ZK rollups.
  • Worked in implementing Multi Party Computation using ZK, DKG and Threshold Encryption schemes in cross chain transferring of assets.
  • ¬†Worked in Geth, MinGeth, Erigon for state management machine and also have used Pyrsm, Lighthouse for implementing Distributed Validator feature using DKG.
  • Developing Customized Blockchain Frameworks from Scratch based on different white papers specified by clients using Substrate, Polkadot, GoEthereum, Cosmos, Different type of EVMs, GoQuorum, Ripple, Cardano, Hedera (Consensus as a Service), etc.
  • Involved in Developing different light weight clients (Bridges) for DeFi apps and also involved in development of Layer 0, Layer 1 and Layer 2 development using Zero Knowledge libraries, Merkle Proof Algos to make the transactions faster and secure.
  • Involved in Developing Different Microservices for Centralized applications using Event Sourcing Architecture, Domain Driven Design Principles, Event Store, CQRS and different consensus mechanisms.
  • Working in Languages like C#, C++, Java, Kotlin, Golang, Rust, iOS (Objective C), ROR, ReactJS, Vue3.js, etc.
  • Working with Ocaml, Multicore, Parallelism, Shared states, Ligo smart contracts.

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