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DevOps professional with 12+ years of expertise in Azure Cloud, CICD, Configuration Management, and full DevOps life cycle. Known for successfully driving projects from initiation to completion, adept at meeting diverse technical challenges, and delivering customer-focused solutions.
  • Responsibilities:
  • Collaborate with cross-functional teams to identify automation opportunities and implement Ansible based solutions.
  • Design, develop, and maintain Ansible playbooks and roles for configuration management, application deployment, and infrastructure provisioning.
  • Azure Landing zone design capabilities using multiple Azure subscriptions including but not limited to connectivity, identity, management and DevOps
  • Experience in migrating on-premise to Azure for both servers and databases
  • Worked on azure services such as resource groups, vnets, azure key vault, availability sets, roles and policies, DNS, azure firewalls, VPN, app gateway, privatelinks and recovery services.
  • Development and deployment across teams Work closely with other Developers and
  • DevOps team members across cross-functional agile development teams to design and build CICD pipeline.
  • Establishing the Connectivity from AWX to Azure cloud servers and creating dynamic inventory.
  • Converted Puppet modules into Ansible playbooks and roles.
  • Puppet agent installation across servers of all the region using Change management process.
  • Worked on containerization technologies Docker and Kubernetes.
  • Skills: Ansible Configuration Management Puppet Configuration Management Ansible Tower, AWX Puppet Enterprise Shell Scripting, Python, DSL, Power Shell Docker, Kubernetes AWS, Azure CI/CD Deployments Jenkins, Nexus, SonarQube JIRA, Confluence GitHub SDLC, Agile Methodology, Change Management Staff Training, Managing Team

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