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Graphics, UI/UX DesignerI have more than 5+ years of relevant experience in Graphics designing. I am highly skilled in Adobe software like Adobe, Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Premiere Pro, Adobe XD as well as other tools and design technologies. My solid background in Problem Solving has allowed me to manage terms with exceptional performance. As a specialist in graphics Designing. I have a passion to strive for innovation and fresh ideas.
  • Develops and executes designs brand identity and business strategy.
  • Collaborates with various teams throughout the design process.
  • Coordinated with production teams to meet design calendar deadlines.
  • Junior Graphics Designer in art direction.
  • Make improvements and create designs that are intuitive, simple to use, and deliver unforgettable customer experiences

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Shubham S

Graphic Design | UI/UX design

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