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  • I am a VUE Frontend Developer.
  • A dynamic professional with more than 3.5+ years of experience in Frontend Development.
  • A keen analyst with exceptional interpersonal skills and strong relationship management, team building, problem-solving and organizational abilities.
  • Primary SkillsVUE, Python, Bootstrap, Node.js, JavaScript, Data Analytics, Web Development, CSS, HTML, MySQL, Statistics, Mathematics, Ionic Framework, React.Js.
  • Secondary Skills: JavaScript Redux Sagas Typescript React.Js Programming: API Programming: Git Programming: JavaScript Frameworks and Libraries Big Data: Data Analytics Protocols and Standards: Real-Time Interactive Design: Visualization, HTML, CSS.
Projects -
  1. Internal Audit Navigator is the tool for internal auditors to perform risk Assessment based on Assessment period for each Organizational Units in the organization and based on this Assessment risk inherent control risk criteria and risk coverage are applied top mitigate the risks involve in each Organizational Unit. Tech Stack: ReactJS, Typescript, Redux, Sagas.
  2. WeatherSpork is the all-purpose strategic weather planner for aviators, a complement to the real-time weather product you normally use in the cockpit. Tech Stack: Vue, Ionic, JavaScript, NodeJS, Capacitor.
  3. New Bond Street Pawnbrokers have been brokering and providing loans against fine jewellery, loans on fine watches, diamonds, fine art, fine wine, luxury cars, antiques other fine personal assets in London since the early 2000s. Tech Stack: React js, Ionic Framework, Capacitor.

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Vue Frontend Developer

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