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 4+ years of experience in making web-based applications using web-based technologies.
  • Projects Summary:
  • 1.Project Description: This project deals with different kinds of surveys at different levels within the Organization. These surveys are of the following kinds: Organizational Survey, Team Assessment Survey and Competence Survey. Each survey is given by chosen Participants. After the survey is completed, the Evaluator can generate PDF and can have in- depth knowledge about the performance related to each Department,Team or Employee.
  • Environment- Laravel, Jquery, Ajax, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap
  • Role- Developer
  • Responsibilities - Involved in both frontend and backend as per requirement
  • Involved in creating DB structure
  • Design Business Logic and workflow architecture as per the requirement
  • 2. Project Description: A Web application that helps you to secure your life by providing different Insurance Plans. Users can opt for any plan during their registration process. After opting for a plan they got multiple services for their Family. The user can register their family members by using an application.
  • Environment- Laravel, Jquery, Ajax, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap
  • Role- Developer
  • Responsibilities- Involved in generating API for Mobile and Web Applications
  • Involved in developing different modules
  • Design some modules using Jquery, CSS and HTML
  • 3. Project Description: A Web application which deals with the bidding over different projects just like Upwork and FreeLancers. People make their account and bid for the project by providing their bid amount and time estimation. After the bid is placed then the client can have an option to Accept or Reject the Bid. At each level the Bidder gets the email notifications. This project provides an opportunity for the Bidder as well as the Client to enhance their Business, Skill and knowledge.
  • Environment- Wordpress, Jquery, Ajax, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap
  • Role- Developer
  • Responsibilities- Worked on different modules using Wordpress
  • Involved in designing of Database
  • Involved in designing and developing using Css and Jquery
  • Integrated Paypal Recurring Payment Method
  • Worked on SEO for providing optimized solution
  • 4. Project Description: An e-commerce website that is used to buy and sell different cosmetics, makeup, and health products. Technologies used here are Laravel, Mysql, Vue, Bootstrap.
  • Environment- Laravel (Asgardcms), Jquery, Ajax, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap
  • Role- Developer
  • Responsibilities- Created modules as per client’s requirement
  • Involved in Database designing
  • Worked on AsgardCMS built in Laravel
  • Involved in designing for frontend using Bootstarp

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