Freelancing = Be Your Own Boss

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  • January 4, 2023
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How about being one’s own boss?

If you don’t have the capital to invest or don’t have the risk appetite, freelancing is the best option.  Well, you now have a business with “0” capital investment and only income to collect! Well, please don’t forget the most important person – your client!

 Like in every business, you will quickly learn: No Clients = No Income!

How do you acquire clients? 

One of the easier ways is to register on freelance websites like QWIRK and showcase your credentials.

Registered and still waiting?

Well, look at the opportunities displayed on the website/platform and start applying. It is useful to have a chat with the recruitment/operations team members. Very few platforms like QWIRK will let you talk to a professional. They can guide you with the insights and opportunities available. Please note, most clients look for prior experience. Hence it is smarter to get started with lower fees to gain more experience and credibility through client rating.

How can you secure assured repeat work?

One of the best ways to secure continuous work as a freelancer is to build loyal clients who seek you out every time. Like in every conventional business, repeat work (as in clients who gave you work before) can comprise more than 50% of your income, especially when you start seeing a steady flow of assignments. It will also lead to useful referrals, including long-term assignments that would get you assured of repeat work.

How can you ensure your clients keep coming back?

Ensure you build a good rapport with clients. To stay energetic during work, manage your sleep-wake cycles well. Ensure you demonstrate proactiveness and deliver more than 100% to get a good rating and potential referrals. Don’t just limit yourself to a defined scope of work. Also try and get to know your clients better, understand their challenges, and demonstrate your keenness for more work by offering to help with other areas too. When you demonstrate a higher commitment and keenness to take up more, clients are more likely to remember you in the future as well. Remember to proactively request for a rating on the platform, especially verbatim comments. These comments can be helpful in getting future assignments.

How can you ensure a good rating?

Apart from demonstrating commitment as mentioned above, ensure the work is completed efficiently and as per the required quality. Never over-promise clients and under-deliver your work. Build-in some amount of buffer time when you commit timelines, to take care of any unexpected variations.

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Wish you all the best to learn and grow with QWIRK

Happy Freelancing!!

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