Mehul Kothari

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  • Software Developer with 3.5 years of experience with agile methodologies.  
  • Expertise in Angular 2+ React, Javascript, Ngrx Store, Node JS, Python Flask, UI with Responsive Designs.  
  • Have a good understanding of Python, AWS, CI/CD, EC2, and 3rd party libraries like PrimeNg, Ngx Bootstrap, Syncfusion, Material UI(React), etc.  
  • Also have experience with unit testing frameworks like Jest, RTL, and Jasmine. 
  • Primary Skill: Angular, React
  • Secondary Skill: Node JS, HTML, JavaScript, CSS


Software Developer

  • Datasystems Company
  • August 1, 2021 - continue

●Working on developing a security portal for Security Leading company for their threat detection analysis dashboard like AWS ●●Different Roles can manage account with different level of service, controllers and permissions. Project2: Completed Saas project which provides a database as a service where users can create, terminate, drop, backup and restore the database from UI which was actually created on AWS. Technologies: Angular12, React JS, Python Flask, AWS, Angular, Node.

Software Developer

  • Infotech Company
  • January 1, 2021 - August 1, 2021

Worked on the web application built in Angular for different businesses and Campaigns. Contributed to developing the admin dashboard with different charts and insights for the application Worked on Primeng Library for creating tables with sorting, searching, pagination, drag and drop features/ Technologies: Angular 9, Node, MongoDB, AWS

Software Developer

  • Leading IT Company
  • June 1, 2019 - January 1, 2021

Worked on uploading two excel sheets with the bulk of data and finding the matches for each business After matching the data some AI/ML tools were used to train the model and show the percentage of the suitability of the data for any given criteria. ●●●Project 2: Worked on indexing the search results inside the application with the bulk of data using Apache Solr and configuring the server with cron jobs and shell scripts Worked on ranking the search results based on various criteria, features, and delivering accurate results based on generated scores. Technologies: Angular 9, Node, Java, Apache Solr

Educational Details


  • Silver Oak College Of Engineering & Technology
  • August 1, 2015 - August 1, 2019

B. Tech | Silver Oak College Of Engineering & Technology | Ahmedabadrn●Computer Science, CGPA-9.47

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