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  • Professional Highlights:
  • Software Developer with 3.5 years of experience with agile methodologies.  
  • Expertise in Angular 2+ React, Javascript, Ngrx Store, Node JS, Python Flask, UI with Responsive Designs.  
  • Have a good understanding of Python, AWS, CI/CD, EC2, and 3rd party libraries like PrimeNg, Ngx Bootstrap, Syncfusion, Material UI(React), etc.  
  • Also have experience with unit testing frameworks like Jest, RTL, and Jasmine. 
  • Worked on the web application built in Angular for different businesses and Campaigns.  
  • Contributed to developing the admin dashboard with different charts and insights for the application  
  • Worked on Primeng Library for creating tables with sorting, searching, pagination, drag and drop features
  • Front End: React.js, Angular.js, JavaScript, Typescript, Bootstrap, HTML and CSS  
  • Back End: Node.js, Express, Python, Flask, Java, Spring Boot, Apis  
  • Data Stores: MySQL, Oracle, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, Firebase, GCP  
  • Cloud: AWS CI/CD, S3, EC2, Elastic Bean Stalk  
  • Third Party Libraries: Synfusion, Material UI, Prime Ng, Ngx bootstrap, Chart JS, Datatables.  

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Mehul Kothari

Full Stack Developer

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