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Software Developer having 3+ years of experience in following:
  • Sitewide Development in Angular 8 (Frontend), Nodejs + MongoDB (Backend).
  • Creating projects from scratch which built on MERN stack technology
  • Developed multiple projects using MEAN stack.
  • Programming Skills: Javascript, Typescript, Angular, React.js, C++, Node.js, OOPS, Software Design, Amazon Web Services(Lambda )
  • Web Technology: HTML, CSS, BOOTSTRAP, TAILWIND, BULMA, ES6, Angular Material, Socket.io
  • Database: MongoDB, SQL, PostgreSQL, DynamoDB
  • Project Summary
  • Project 1
  • Project Description: A marketing platform to increase customer engagement. Enables marketers to run campaigns using interactive content/tools to boost demand generation with more than 6 in-build templates and full customization.
  • Utilized Angular 8+, Node.js, and MongoDB as frontend and backend technology.
  • Defining development process and handling of 45+ integrations, zapier, and webhook.
  • Scale to over 50,000+ monthly active customers
  • Project 2
  • Project Description: a marketing tool through which users can boost their customer support. Clients can create a complete bot by drag and drop, then publish it to the web. To increase social interaction, users can connect the bot with the Facebook page and the same flow work there as well.
  • Include 10+ message nodes and triggers like sending mail, push notifications, and call API.
  • Backend is done in Express + Typescript and Front-end is in React.js, database MongoDB
  • Project 3
  • Project Description: It is the medium between the patient and the specialized doctors. Patients can book an appointment with a doctor in 3 different modes (in-person, voice,and video call).
  • Implement Razorpay for transactions.

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