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A python expert with 10 years of experience. I have experience majoring in Python, JavaScript and PHP
  • Technical Skills: Python, JavaScript, PHP, Django, Flask, Postgresql, MySQL, API Integration / Swagger, Text Mining, AWS Services, HTML/CSS, LINUX, Pandas / Numpy, Redis / Celery, Kibana
  • Created a couple of modules including Renewal, Instant Renewal, Inspection module, third party website integrations, Cross Sell etc.
  • Technology: Python 3, Django, Flask, DRF, Docker, Celery, Redis, Sqlalchemy Core
  • AWS Services: ECS, Fargate, Lambda, API Gateway, EC2, SQS, RDS, Auto Scaling, CloudFront, CloudWatch, S3
  • Text Mining: Built a Sentiment Analysis tool using NLTK package with gathering algorithms of entity recognition, tokenizer, part of speech tagging and categorization. The tool is used to read long pdf/doc/text contents and convert to a summary.
  • Twitter Sentiment Analysis: Built a tool to analyze tweets that appeared on topics on twitter. Also able to make analysis of user inputs and comments. Represented results as user behavior (with different categories, e.g. Positive, negative, neutral, happy, disappointed. etc.) on topics/products. I had built a dictionary of more than 2 lakhs words to get absolute results.
  • Data Analytics Tool using Machine Learning Algorithm: Find KS and Lift value using Random Forest, Linear Regression, Gaussian, Multinomial NB. Created a dashboard with capacity to compare all algorithms.
  • Technology: Flask, Scikit-learn, Pandas, NoSQL
  • MetaFunding: A web platform between lenders and small businesses built in Python. Able to get a lender by meeting their criteria for small business. Built tool to get customer’s bank account details using QuickBooks library, analyze and show them eligible lenders
  • Technology: Flask, DynamoDB, Lambda, Angular JS

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