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  • Freelancer with IT Experience in Webapp development with python.
  • Web application:
  • Data handling and storage in various business modules. Example: CRM, HR, Service Management, eLearning Management.
  • Role based logins with single sign on using Gmail and Facebook.
  • Desktop application: TKinter based desktop app for attendance maintenance.
  • Web Application
  • Learning platform implementation with centralized repository for documents.
  • Ideation tools integrated to the learning platform. Single sign on, using MS accounts.
  • Web Hosting
  • Hosting web apps using Nginx in a on premise setup.
  • DevOps
  • A simpler installation of the Hadoop setup using ansible and shell scripts.
  • Automation of deployment of the business logics in the Hadoop setup.
  • Data migration Description: Lakhs of live and archived data was imported for an inhouse application. In the process Spoon ETL tool was used.
  • Project implementation
  • Different modules were analysed, designed and developed to handle the planning,implementation and monitoring process of organization. These consisted of HR and Sales Apps.
  • During the analysis process the domain processes were extensively laid out to pave way for designing the app.
  • Application layout inclusive of screen and database were designed
  • Languages: Python
  • Framework: Odoo, Flask
  • Database: Postgres
  • Configuration Management: Ansible
  • Version control: GitHub, SVN
  • IDE: VS Code, PyCharm

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