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  • My field of interest is Software development and Cyber security.
  • Self-learner having knowledge in Advance Python, Data Structure and Object Oriented Programming, Django with REST API, C++, SQL and Web Development with HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, JavaScript & basics of React JS.
  • Expertise in algorithm designing and problem solving. Familiar with linux and good at linux terminal commands (CLI). I have almost 2 years of Freelance experience.
  • E-Commerce Bot with Django Backend for Telegram A Telegram bot with a django API backend for a E-Commerce company in a SaaS Model, In which the telegram users can apply for a dealership, after admin approval dealers can post their products on various categories with image and caption along with price. Users can see and buy products from the Dealers. Special Features in the system are Cart, Invoice, Wallet. Technologies used are Django ORM, Telebot (Python Library).
  • Telethon Automation Web Apps A Web app in which a group of Telegram Accounts can be Automated to join and leave on a specific group or channel based on the selection and count. Technologies used are Telethon (Python Library), AWS Lambda, Django Rest Framework Backend and Basics UI with React.
  • E-Board with Web App An IoT based home automation and controller using arduino and Web App Interface. The project is to convert all the existing conventional home appliances and devices into smart devices, which can be monitored, controlled and automated from anywhere in the world through a modern Web App which is built as a SaaS Model. Technologies used are Arduino (Hardware), Transducers, Django, Socket Connection (Channels).
  • Wearable Live Health Monitoring Gadget An IoT based wearable live health monitoring gadget. The project is to monitor an eldered people with the fall detection system. Since it is a web app it can be used from anywhere in the world. Also which is built as a SaaS Model. Technologies used are Arduino (Hardware), Transducers, Django, Socket Connection (Channels).
  • Technical Skills ● Core Python, Data Structure and Object Oriented Programming Knowledge ● Django Framework with REST API ● C, C ++ and Core Java Basics ● Frontend Development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, JQuery Basics and React JS Basics) ● Problem Solving and Quick Algorithm Designing ● Familiar with Linux and Terminal (CLI) ● Basic Knowledge of Networking, Basic Proficiency in the software Multisim, MatLab, Proteus Design Suite, Keil µVision IDE, Photoshop and Pinnacle

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