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I am a Java Backend Developer with good experience in - Java (Spring Boot, JPA) MySQL, PostgreSQL.
  • Frontend- HTML/CSS, JavaScript
  • Backend- Java(Spring Boot, JPA)
  • Database- MySQL , PostgreSQL
  • Tools- Github, Eclipse Birt Design, Zoho People, Zoho Project, Jira.
Projects Summary:
  • Freight Exchange --(Spring MVC, Postgres, JavaScript)
  • Provided Development and support to manage various magazine in all over the world and managing the loading and unloading process through Carriers from one Plant to another.
  • UNITECH--(SpringBoot, JPA, MYSQL)
  • Worked to build Payment Schedule and offline payment module for the end user to clear the dues their property.



  • April 1, 2019 - continue

Successful SDE offering 4+ years of experience in demanding environments focused on producing cutting-edge systems for development industry.

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  • K.I.S.T(B.P.U.T)

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