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  • Dedicated and smart working individual with over 7.5 years of professional experience.
  • Two things that drive me are technology and a burning desire to get things done.
  • From being a core developer for Web Services to handling System Architecture, Design, UI/UX and Mobile App Dev, I am fortunate to have done it all.
  1. Languages: C, C++, Python, JavaScript, Java.
  2. Frameworks & Libraries: Django, JQuery, AJAX, Bootstrap, Celery, Numpy, DRF, Scrapy, BeautifulSoup, OpenCV, Pillow.
  3. Tools and Softwares: Pycharm, Sublime Text, Asana, Basecamp, GIT, Gitlab, MS Visio, MS Project, Adobe XD, Trello, Slack, Bugzilla, Jenkins, RabbitMQ, Keycloak SSO, Azure Data Factory, Elasticsearch, Logstash, Kibana, Zeplin, JIRA, Confluence.
  4. Databases: PostgreSQL, MongoDB, SQLite, Firebase Realtime DB, MySQL.
  5. DevOps: Jenkins, Gitlab CI/CD, Azure DevOps.
  6. Web Technologies: HTML, CSS, WordPress.
  7. Server-Side Technologies: Linux, Ubuntu, Nginx, Apache, Gunicorn, Arch Linux, Bjoern, uWSGI.
Projects -
  1. Manufacturing Analytics Website for a client to look at plant data.
  • System Architecture, Design and development of over 150 APIs for ground up application rebuild, Data transformation logics, etc.
  • Work with GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) data.
  • Work with highly regulated and compliance checked environments.
  • The client is one of the largest generic drug manufacturing companies in the world today.
2. Major OTT Platform in India
  • End to end system architecture design and deployment using Kubernetes and Docker via Azure DevOps in Azure Kubernetes Service.
  • Played a major role in design and development of entire new age client applications and their ecosystem. Worked with the CTO and his office.
  • API microservices design and development.
  • Played crucial role in design and development of search microservices using Elasticsearch.
  • Setup and maintain Data Pipelines using ADF.
  • Setup and maintain Git Workflow for all microservices.

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Microsoft Azure Certified Tech & Debonair Developer/Architect/Tinkerer

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