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  • I am a Data Analyst/ Data Scientist/ Business Analyst with a good understanding of statistics and coding logic.
  • 3 Years of experience in Python.
  • Primary Skill: Python.
  • Secondary Skills: Database, Django, Flask, Rest API, C++, HTML, Keras, TensorFlow, Pandas, NumPy, Scikit-learn, MySQL, Flask, Statistics, Machine Learning, Regression Analysis, Algorithms, Excel, Azure, Docker, Kubernetes.
Work Experience & Responsibilities -
  1. Responsible for gathering data requirements for the project and developed automated workflow to Quality Check and analyze huge image data and its respective annotations.
  2. Developed Image Stitching library using Image processing, with help of OpenCV and python. The library can stitch multiple images dynamically.
  3. Implemented Multiple object detection models using YOLO V3 & YOLO V5 on retail shelf images to detect SKUs of various brands with 96% accuracy. Trained the model with mAP metrics and deployed it.
  4. Assisted the team in developing KPI for the project, which involved advanced analytics and geometric manipulations of the SKUs detected and made optimizations like parallelism to the codes.
  5. Developed Ad-Hoc python automation scripts, which helped in reducing manual efforts greatly in documenting and distributing image data.
  6. Orchestrated and created an end-to-end pipeline on Azure Data factory which includes receiving triggers from app triggering image stitching, object detection and KPI calculations, and sending the scores back to the app.

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