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Data scientist Having 3+ Years of Experience with NLP, ML, Python, R
  • Projects:
  • Provided analytical solutions for Business Operations team, and Pharma Clients. Thought leadership and end-to-end development & deployment of major components.
  • [1] Named Entity Recognition (***, adverse event, medical history, laboratory test, etc.)
  • [2] Information Extraction from unstructured narrative text
  • [3] Adverse event classification;
  • [4] Severity classification of adverse *** reaction
  • [6] Automated Process Discovery Tool using bupaR;
  • [7] CI/CD pipeline leveraging MlFlow, Amazon EC2, Amazon S3, etc. and Docker based deployment.
  • Skillset: NLP, Medical NER, Text Classification, Data visualization with R/Python, Process Mining basics, Python, SpaCy, sciSpaCy, Pandas, Mlflow, R-Shiny, Shiny.Fluent, Git, Docker
  • Developed Python (Flask/Django) based reusable analytical assets.
  • [1] Causality assessment and Assisted medical review tool (POC)
  • [2] Knowledge management on client SOPs (POC)
  • [3] SimStat - a plagiarism detection tool detecting similarity between a pair of SAS codes with syntax highlighter
  • [4] Medical coding of adverse events with proximity & synonym search functionality
  • [5] Data profiling, Data preparation & analysis to aid ML model building;
  • [6] Text classification POC leveraging Amazon SageMaker.
  • Skillset: Keywords: ML, NLP, Knowledge Management, TF-IDF, Cosine similarity, Proximity match, Python, Django, Flask, REST API, Unix OS & Shell scripting, AWS, SageMaker.
  • Developed R/Shiny based analytical solutions for Life Sciences delivery team and pharmaceutical clients.
  • [1] Narrative Auto Quality Check tool for a French multinational pharmaceutical company
  • [2] Quality review & Data validation with interactive dashboard
  • Skillset: NLP, Text Analytics, Text Pre-processing, POS Tagging, Stemming/Lemmatization, Regular Expression, R programming, R-Shiny, Python
  • Reasons you should hire:
  • I'm a Data Science professional working as Associate Data Scientist with apt knowledge of Machine Learning, Data Science, and Natural Language Processing with professional coding expertise.
  • I have worked on many real-life scenario-based projects and played a lead developer role with proper project planning.
  • I'm very much aware of client focus & client satisfaction. Planned to involve me in freelancing activities to solve challenging problems and excel as a Data Scientist.
  • Quality of work & trust assured

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Md Amir Sohail

Data Analyst Engineer

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