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I can draw insights from data using Dataiku data science studio.

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I am a Data Science professional Working on Banking and Finance sector to draw insights from client’s data using Dataiku data science studio.
  • Primary Skills - Python, Machine Learning, TensorFlow, PyTorch, OpenCV, Docker
  • Secondary Skills - Docker, Containerization, Computervision Technology.
  • Design and Development of Image Classification using CNN on FPGA Accelerator.
  • Automation of Home Appliances with Dynamic Remote Control.
  • Worked on the regression problem to predict the thickness of material.
  • Processing the night time light raster images to find out inequality in a particular geographical area.
  • Research and development of machine learning algorithms for industrial automation: Human Machine Interface (HMI) GTD software and Train Integrated Management System (TIMS)
  • Design and development of Intelligent Word Recognition(IWR) using computer vision technology. Designed and Implemented: Analyzing different deep learning networks for a good fit forword detection using supervisely framework
  • Tabel Detection in Documents using Faster-RCNN on PyTorch
  • Development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) based RTL architecture of Convolutional Neural Network (CNN) for image classification.
  • Designed and Implemented: CNN Accelerator on PYNQ-Z1 SoC
  • FPGA based CNN Architecture for MNIST dataset on Artix-7
  • Camera to VGA RTL Architecture on Sparten-3E
  • Implemented Face Recognition using OpenCV on Raspberry Pi

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