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I am a professional mobile app developer have expertise in many types of custom app designing and development. As a Freelance Android Developer worked on following projects:
  • 1) Application Design for Android for OTT, Video Streaming
  • Role: App Developer
  • Responsibilities:
  • Synchronization of all settings between the platforms
  • Video Streaming
  • Functional Chromecast { 1- Change audio track, 2- Subtitle track change and style 3-Establish a global section and then submit content (as in netflix), 3- custom receiver with the same design as the receiver of the website, 4- Possibility of setting 5- channels as preferred audio.
  • Sending notifications to both general devices and specific user groups
  • Functionality with Matomo
  • Functionality with Mux Data
  • Possibility to download content to watch offline
  • Control from the website of devices connected to your account and the possibility of expelling
  • Technology/Tools: Android Studio, Java, Kotlin, FCM, Retrofit, ExoPlayer, Chrome Cast Sdk, Bitbucket, Unit Testing
  • 2) Android App
  • Role: App Developer
  • Responsibilities:
  • Convert wireframe designs to android UI.
  • Login with Device Registration for receiving Push Notification.
  • App must listen for Notification - doesn't matter Background/Foreground.
  • Integration of apis
  • Integrate PRINT functionality for POS thermal printer and normal Printer.
  • Technology/Tools: Android Studio, Java, Kotlin, FCM, Retrofit, Printer Sdk, Bitbucket
  • 3) Watch App
  • Role: App Developer
  • Responsibilities:
  • Animation Huawei Watch 3: Video playback
  • Audio playback
  • Player Engine
  • AWS signed URL generator to fetch assets
  • Download assets for the workout for offline use (audio, video, animations etc)
  • Pull sensor data: Heart rate, Calories, GPS for runs.
  • Technology/Tools: DevEco Studio, Java, Retrofit, Bitbucket
  • 4) Android App
  • Roles: App Developer, App Tester
  • Responsibilities:
  • Programming and developing the app step by step with proper testing environment.
  • Technology/Tools: Android Studio, Java, Kotlin, Firebase DB, Facebook and Google Login, FCM, AdMob, Facebook Audience network, Retrofit, Bitbucket
  • 5) Geolocation Mapping of Wifi
  • Roles: Software Engineer Android
  • Responsibilities:
  • Collaborating with back-end team and other developers
  • Bug fixing and changing UI as required
  • Technology/Tools: Android Studio, Java, Volley, Bitbucket
  • 6) App & Website
  • Roles: App Developer, E-commerce Website Developer
  • Responsibilities:
  • App development, testing and gathering the information
  • Creating the E-commerce website for the company
  • Technology/Tools: Android Studio, Java, Word Press

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