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  • I am an AWS DevOps Engineer.
  • Excellent understanding of technical trends, architectures and highly motivated to keep myself updated with current events, technologies in the software industry.
  • Primary Skills: Computer Hardware, Network Installation, Network Maintenance, Technical Support, IT Support, System Installation, Cloud Computing, DevOps Engineer, DevOps, AWS, Docker, Ansible, Jenkins, GIT.
  • Secondary Skills: Hardware Networking, Hardware Support, Network Support, Hardware Engineering, Network Engineering, Customer Support.
Work Experience (Responsibilities) -
  1. Setup Jenkins CI-CD Pipeline.
  2. Setup AWS SES Service and SMTP.
  3. Setup Website on EC2 / lightsail.
  4. Setup Email Forwarding Using SES, S3, SNS and Lambda.
  5. Setup Autoscaling Servers.
  6. Install and Configure Sendy, Mailwizz and other Emailing Tool on AWS.
  7. Setup VPC.
  8. Setup Simple Notification Service for Error and Alert.
  9. Solving the regular upcoming Hardware issues.
  10. Evaluating the network issues.
  11. Configuration of the Computers with the internet.
  12. Solving the all kind of technical issues.

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Application Support Engineer

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