Automation framework development using Python

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  • Senior software engineer, around 6+ years of working experience as a Python developer. Experience of automation framework development using Python.
  • Project 1
  • Role: Sr. Software Engineer
  • Project Description: In this project, my job role is to develop python based framework to automate L2/L3 feature’s test along with the dependent traffic libraries. I’ve good hands on experience on Layer 2 and Layer 3 devices configuration and topologies.
  • Here, we are enhancing python frameworks that’s HACpy and HiTAF, HACpy is used to automate test cases which supports HiOS devices, HiTAF is the framework which is used to support the automation of Gecko devices.
  • Here, I got extensive experience of writing traffic libraries. Good hand-on experience of writing test script using python that support test cases execution on different modes like CLI, SNMP and WEB.
  • Technical Environment: Python framework development, Scripting, Automation, Selenium Automation, Linux, Jenkins, GIT, Gerrit, Pycharm, HACpy and HiTAF (python automation framework)
  • Responsibilities
  • Enhancement of automation framework.
  • Writing traffic libraries to automate the test cases.
  • Writing library that support the cli, snmp and web automation.
  • Modification of existing framework library as per requirement.
  • Code review for other team members
  • Project 2
  • Role/Position Sr. Software Engineer
  • Project Description: In this project, I’ve worked on python’s Django web framework this is IBM’s high availability PowerHA enterprise software product, which has support on AIX/Linux operating systems, My job role here to develop PowerHA GUI features.
  • Technical Environment: Python, Django web framework, Linux, AIX, Jenkins, GIT, Gerrit, JIRA, Eclipse
  • Responsibilities
  • Development of PowerHA GUI.
  • GUI based feature development.
  • Team code review.
  • Sprint review demo to client.

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