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  • I am an IT & Telecom professional with 19 years+ of experience in the field of Cloud Computing, DevOps, Protocol Testing, Network Planning and Optimization, Computer Networking & Project Management.
  • Good knowledge of both waterfall & Agile methodologies in project management.
  • Good Leadership & Communication Skills.
  • Primary Skills: Cloud computing, DBM, Python, DevOps, AWS.
  • Secondary Skills: Network Planning and Optimization, Computer Networking & Project Management.
Projects -
  1. Project Manager-Cloud & DevOps Solutions
  • Understand clients explicit and implied requirements.
  • Provide E2E solutions & support to client for their transformation on cloud using AWS & Microsoft Azure cloud services.
  • Develop competitive and technically sound solution addressing the client requirements.
  • Cloud readiness assessment. Infrastructure and Application assessment, migration planning and business case development. Make recommendations on architectures, application, infrastructure required to successfully implement complete solution providing best practice advice to customers to adopt public cloud, Develop cost
  • Effective Cloud solutions.
  • Migration of existing on-premises IT infrastructure like servers. Web Applications, Database the cloud service providers infrastructure.
  • Providing SDLC automation using AWS DevOps solutions or opensource tools like Git, GitHub, Docker, Kubernetes, Ansible, Jenkins, Linux, YAML, Python etc.
  • Implementation of Agile Project management methodologies like CI/CD pipeline to meet client’s requirements.
  • Also providing E2E solutions & support for small scale business to make their digital presence. It starts from Domain registration to fully automation of their Web applications using some of the advanced technologies like AWS LightSail, Route53, CloudFront for CDN (Content delivery network) and S3 (Simple storage service) for storage, Webapp designing using the Python & PHP platform (WordPress).
2. Solution Architect specialist -
  • Responsible for providing different IT & Telecom solutions based on customer requirements.
  • Responsible for designing & deployment of various Performance monitoring tools using advanced technologies of Cloud Computing, Virtualization.
  • Responsible for building & executing various test cases using Manual & Automation test methods.
  • Responsible for all corporate reports and presentations.
  • Responsible for coordination between Different departments for development & implement of various solutions.
  • Responsible for handling different Projects using Waterfall & Agile project management methodologies.

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