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  • I am a DBA. Managed DB migrations (AWS & Azure) and HA setup. DATABASE ADMINISTRATION with AWS RDS full functional knowledge.
  • Highly experienced in enterprise application solution design and development using Python, AWS, and serverless API development.
  • Domain knowledge and experience of SaaS and Cloud-based applications.
  • Have programming exposure with Python, R and JavaScript.
  • Have more than two years of experience in product integration on the cloud using lambda, docker, CloudFront, etc.
  • Have worked with different security schemas like HTTPS, Oauth 2.0, LDAP, SSO, and Basic.
  • Have experience in leading teams and mentoring team members.
  • Good knowledge of different API documentation like Swagger/OAS, RAML, and YAML.
  • Capable of quick learning and delivering solutions as an individual and as part of a team.
  • Good Verbal and Written communication skills and interpersonal skills and excellent adaptability to new technologies and new domain.
  • Primary Skills: MySQL server, SSRS, PowerShell, MS build, MS sqlt-sql, SQL, SQL server, SQL azure.
  • Secondary Skills: Microsoft Azure, AWS, DBS, Amazon Ec2, SSIS, Log Shipping, Database Architecture, Cloud Administration, DDL, SQL DBA.
Project Experience -
  1. We provide IaaS and PaaS to many clients; services include virtual machines and infrastructure to host them.
  • Role and Responsibilities -
  • Interact with key customer stakeholders and gather requirements.
  • Finalize the Designs of the APIs to be implemented with the client.
  • The provides an IAAS based solution for cloud integration for many enterprises.
  • Utilizes and leverages the solution provided by AWS, and Azure.
  • I have implemented an automation framework using python to allocate and create.
  • Handled the implementation of end-to-end integration of cloud storage solution of IAAS based product.
  • Brainstorming sessions to come out with an innovative solution to enhance the functionality.
  • Wrote an AI chatbot for client needs which will cater to the need and send the details to the CSR.
2. Create software applications that use artificial intelligence and machine learning to communicate with humans (customers) via text or audio.
  • Role and Responsibilities -
  • Implemented a model for named-entity extraction using random fields (NER-CRF) using Spacy.
  • Worked on designing the flow of multiple modules in the project to handle various complex use cases.
  • Implemented scripts for automating the conversion of pythonic-data structures into spreadsheets and presentations and vice versa.
  • Implemented scripts to automate the download of files and folders from Google Drive using Drive API.
  • Implemented a script to extract data from any given query as a part of handling the conversational Flow.
  • Implemented python crawlers to scrape different kinds of data from various websites and push them to the database.
  • Integrated outlook to schedule, reschedule and cancel meetings using python script.
  • Understand and validate Query handler and Query classifier.
  • Finalize the Designs of the APIs to be implemented with the client.
  • Integrated outlook to schedule, reschedule and cancel meetings using python script.
  • Fetching and converting PDF files and changing them to JSON format to store in the database using python.

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