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I am a DevOps engineer having expertise of Selenium, Java, GIT, Docker, Ansible, Terraform, Kubernetes, AWS, Linux.
  • DevOps:  
  • Setting up and perform all the DevOps operations for creating and maintaining CI/CD.  
  • Pipeline, documentation, giving suggestion to clients for better architecture and performance.  
  • Tools used: Linux, GIT, AWS, Azure, Docker, Ansible, Terraform, Kubernetes.
  • As a Devops Consultant worked on following projects:
  • Project description: Client needed someone who could do a following documentation in a very clear and easy way to setup a repository for his project.
  • Setup a GitHub account.
  • Created a repository for it
  • Implemented code checking functionality.
  • Setup of Jira with git and documented it properly
  • CI/CD automation.
  • Written test scripts.
  • Automated the page using Selenium web driver.
  • Configured Ansible and written playbook for two other test and prod servers.
  • Skills Used: AWS, GitHub, Mobaxterm, Ansible.

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