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  • I am a Python and Django Developer with skills in DJANGO, FLASK, Rest API, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, React, Git, SQL (DBA).
  • 6 Years experienced backend developer with a demonstrated history in delivering various software solutions. Skilled in Python, Django, Flask, Linux, Programming, DS, and Algorithms.
  • Designing SDM upload to many projects management for simulation projects, we define many workflows for many types of simulations.
  • Design and create the curve API for the material cart.
  • Create server-side scripting for SDM in Iron-Python.
  • Did some automation to update and create a backup of XML files.
  • Create plugging for multiple applications to button command.
  • Primary Skills: Python & Django.
  • Secondary Skills: Vue.JS, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Django.
Projects -
  1. Integrations of server and client-side script
  • The Product SDM (Sim data management) stores a different type of simulation data of automobile parts.
  • From client and server-side script to create a projects folder structure of the different types of simulation.
  • From the client side we can define a structural project to use that to store simulate data on the server.
  • There have been more than 12 workflows we can store information to use for client-side projects.
  • We have created a server-side script that integrates of .net project in python using Iron python.
  • Server-side script creates GUI to link or create a structure where we can store data.
  • Create rest-API for a material cart that can use to generate curves for different hardness.
  • The REST accepts excel or CSV files and creates relations between mores.
  • Automation of XML file creates a backup of every XML file in the base folder and updates information in XML.
  • Automation for excel file updating without changing the format of excel getting info from XML for base folder structure.
  • Create plugins in the application to click the button to do some special work by plugins.
2. Project Description: GUI_Automation
  • A HPE Product name Nimble storage that has a web application.
  • Product is built on a Web platform that allows IPV4 and IPV6 support.
  • Testing framework is developed.

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