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Competent Python Developer with expertise in Django,Rest Framework, Numpy, MySQL, javascript, Bootstrap, Rest, API, OOPS, Linux, CSS, JIRA, SQL Query.
  • Primary Skills: Python, Django
  • Secondary Skills: Java, FastAPI, Flask, Spring Hibernate, MYSQL
  • Developing API for all app across multiple devices and implementing the new features in our Development.
  • Implemented JWT token for Authentication or authorization of users.
  • Developed Public API for (Create Account, Login, Access the asset) for JIO Setup Box.
  • Developed the Two-factor authentication (2FA) Login API, Folder Move, File Move, Encrypted Folder and many more API.
  • Designed and developed forward-thinking systems that meet user needs and improve productivity.
  • Working closely with the frontend developers to develop and improve the user interface and to integrate the APIs.
  • Applied change control best practices to Django development processes to provide software enhancements without disruptions for end users.
  • Written Custom SQL Query for Validation data in Database.
  • Used Postman for API testing.
  • I take part in code reviews and technical documentation for reference and reporting.
  • I am responsible for debugging and troubleshooting the programming related issues.

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Python Backend Developer

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