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  • I am a Python developer expertise in (Python | Django | Devops | Nginx.
  • Data driven individual fascinated by the power and application of data with total experience of 4 years & 3months.
  • Worked on different project implementation in Scable API, Data-Driven Architecture, end-to-end application applications as per client requirement with significant professional experience in Python, Django, DRF, SQL, Devops, NLP, React and Prometheus, Grafana.
  • Problem solver, go getter, self-motivator and fast learner.
  • Working Python and Spring boot project
  • Conducting Unit test cases for testing, identify and fixing the bugs.
  • Worked on Migrations Project of React and Spring boot Visualization tool into React and DRF.
  • Worked in a team comprising of 4-5 members and interacted with solution architect and platform designers from client team on daily bases.
  •  Worked very closely with client Business Analyst to implement system in accordance to client’s requirement.
  • Used tools like Python, DRF, React, Postgres, Prometheus, Grafana
  • Responsible for creating End to End Automation tool. That is now used to create report and send to Business user.
  • Pulled respective data from database by writing simple to complex SQL queries as per need and worked on change requests on existing reporting database architecture.
  • Developed web application backend components while communicating with Teams to identify their needs/goals and work on meeting them.
  • Used tools like Python, DRF, Postgres
  • Design and Implement API-driven based architecture of web application, delivery system, sell system, b2b System.
  • Research & identified best back-end practices to build efficient & reusable applications.
  • Worked very closely with client to implement system in accordance with client’s requirement.
  • Conducted Unit test cases for testing and identify the bugs.
  • Implemented CI-CD Pipeline for the continues integration and the deployment of the application.
  • Used tools like Python, DRF, Postgres, Prometheus, Grafana, Nginx, Gunicorn
  • Technical Skills:
  • Languages: Python, SQL, Node.js
  • Framework: Django, DRF, React
  • Data Science: Pandas
  • Databases: PostgreSQL, SQLite
  • Cloud: AWS
  • Deployment: Devops
  • Monitoring Tool: Prometheus, Grafana, Control-M

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Vatsal Gupta

Python developer

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