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  • I am a Python Developer with a passion for Machine Learning and Web Scraping.
  • I have hands-on knowledge of web scraping and have done projects related to it.
  • Primary SkillsPython, SQL, HTML, C, C++, Open CV, Machine Learning.
  • Secondary Skills: Software Development, JavaScript, Web Scraping, Web Development, Web Technologies, NumPy, Data Visualization, U I Development, Seaborn, HTML, CSS.
Projects -
  1. Devising GTM strategy for RPA in various sectors -
  • Analyzed current processes, pain points and KPIs in sectors like FinTech, FMCG, HR etc.
  • Performed secondary research to gain insights on maturity level of RPA in these sectors.
  • Recommended 10+ GTM strategies for implementation of RPA in the mentioned sectors.
2. Augmented Reality System Approach using Android Devices -
  • Generated 15 markers using ARTag software and used Android device to scan those tags.
  • These tags could be used in computer education by projecting these images on a device.

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Python Developer

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