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I am a Python (Django) Developer with skills in React.Js, SQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript. Why did I switch into IT industry /Summary: 
  • In early 2020, I started to learn Python only to create a few programs/utilities for solving my Civil Engineering problems using Python, SymPy, NumPy, and Matplotlib. Then it caught my interest, and I created some desktop and web apps out of those Python programs.
  • Within next six months I started taking projects from others. Then I decided to switch Full-Time, and hence posted my resume online in Oct 2021 and secured the full-time job at an IT Company.
  • I am a constant learner, and I feel good each time I learn a new skill. I can say this because I was mainly hired as a Python developer, yet I learned ReactJS so as to better serve the project I worked upon.
  • Primary Skills: Python & Django.
  • Secondary Skills: React.Js, SQL, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Django.
Projects -
  1. Currently working as a full-time Developer. The project I have been assigned to is a US based online Pharma seller. The technologies I work with are Python Django, DRF, SQL and React JS.
  2. A RESTful API created using DRF for Vedic Astrology.
  3. A Django Web app for extracting/importing data using Excel Files. Used Django, sqlite3, xlsxwriter.
  4. Vedic Kundli Creator with GUI, using - Python, Tkinter, PIL, and Flatlib.
  5. Beam and Truss Analyser for structural designs, using - Python, NumPy, Pandas, Sympy, and Matplotlib.

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Sanjay Kumar Sharma

Python (Django) Developer and Data Scientist

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