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  • I am a Software Engineer With expertise in Machine Learning.
  • I am involved as machine learning engineer in omni markdown project which is responsible to predict traffic for future seasonal events.
  • I am responsible to write code for various activity such as refactoring code from jupyter notebooks, alerts with aws lambda functions, data quality checks, Jenkins files for various github repo for CI/CD, converting SQL code from data engineers to pandas queries, writing/improving docker files.
  • I am mainly working with Python, pandas, aws sagemaker, aws lambda, athena and redshift DB, keras, tensorflow, SQL, airflow and other related technologies and frameworks.
  •  I was involved in multiple projects such as duplicate bug finding application, predicting category of bugs with ML, Automation for Intel’s AI features for Evo branded laptop.
  • Containerising AI models for profiling, integrating AI models with docker on multiple os on Intel NUC, Zephyr IoT RTOS open source project, Android kernel optimization project.
  • I was completely involved from proposal to designing software for duplicate bug finding application as well as prediction category of bugs.
  • For this project I had worked with Python, keras, spacy, MongoDB, Reactjs, Flask, NodeJs, tensorflow, scikit-learn and related technologies and frameworks.
  • To containarise AI models, I have applied transfer learning to publicly available. For Zephyr RTOS, I have wrote multiple device drivers to enable sensors(RGB, Ambient Light) on various Intel boards and upstreamed to open source repo.
  • Apart from this, I ported legacy code for newly implemented APIs, implemented POSIX APIs, wrote python scripts to test atomic test cases and parse output to generate pass/fail report. All code for zephyr was in C language.
  • Primary Skill: Python & AWS
  • Secondary Skill:  C++, Java, HTML, CSS, Athena, MySQL, MongoDB, Keras, Pandas, Numpy, Tensorflow, AWS Sagemaker, AWS lambda, Docker, Apache Spark.

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Vara Punit Ashokbhai

Software Engineer and ML | Data Analyst

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