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  • With 5+ years of experience in Software Industry with Quality Assurance and ​Manual, Functional, Automation of ​Mobile applications [Targeting Indian/International Market] and ​Web applications developed in Web, Mobile, Client/Server environment using ​Agile (Scrum) and Kanban Test Methodologies​.
  • Good experience in ​Mobile Application Testing over ​IOS/Android ​OS with Device Anywhere Studio and Web Application Testing
  • Have worked on ​React-Native​ ​technology​ implemented in both ​Android/IOS​ Mobile Apps
  • Good knowledge in Smoke Testing/ Functional Testing/ Integration Testing / System Testing.
  • Very good knowledge in Adhoc Testing.
  • Very good knowledge on Compatibility Testing.
  • Have built the UI Automation Multithreaded Framework supporting Web/Android/IOS from Scratch which can run test suite on multiple browsers/devices at the same time  
  • Continuous Integration and ​Implementation for Test Automation using ​Maven, Jenkins, Appium, Selenium Web Driver, TestNG etc.,
  • Project 1: 
  • Project: FX application 
  • Team Size: 5 
  • Synopsis: Aim to validate the GE Healthcare machines in different operating systems.  
  • Validate the health care application system using different user stories and checking the stability of the application by executing the test cases. Executing the test cases in web application and also for the mobile application and check the stability of the machine which is available in the hospital. 
  • Roles and Responsibilities: 
  • Involved in execution of the application using different operating systems, execution of Test Cases, Defect tracking, Bug Verification.  
  • Mainly involved in writing the Test Cases, executing the client-side validations involved in preparing the Execution plan. 
  • Captured Test Cases and Test Results in Quality Centre and documented and prepared the release notes as part of the project deliverables. 
  • BIOS, AEP FW, SW and Kernel flashing on the server, functionality testing and debugging of issues and analyzing the results.  
  • Using the user stories writing the validation scripts and writing the test cases for web application and the mobile application. 
  • Bug verification on operating systems and first level debugging of boot related issues and functional issues.   
  • Validation of features in chromium OS which are under development.  
  • Involved daily execution Sync and debug Sync meeting 

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