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As a Testing and validation engineer I have 5+ years of experience and have handled following responsibilities:
  • Responsible for flashing the ASW and BSW with help of diagonotics tools the like CANoe PCAN view, Bus master, Infineon MEM tool, ECU flasher, Uniflash, Tulum software, ISP software, Nemo FLASH TOOL, Vehicle Analyzer.
  • Responsible for conduct the functional tests like IR test, With stand test, capacity test, HRD test, etc on the battery pack (48V, 72V, 350V)
  • Responsible for conduct the environmental tests on modules
  • Responsible for conducting the tests load regulation, line regulation and transient test on 6.6KW
  • Integrated Power distribution unit, 2.4kWh OBC, 400W and DC-DC converter.
  • Responsible for conduct the over voltage , under voltage, over current, short circuit, current and voltage calibrations on the modules
  • Responsible for conduct the analogs and digital communication tests, on Vehicle control unit, 8kW
  • Responsible for the troubleshooting the power and control boards issues with help of schematic diagrams
  • Responsible for reworks the power board, MOSFET gate driver board, control board

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