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  • DevOps & Machine Learning Professional | Freelance | 4+ years of experience |Working in DevOps and ML projects with expertise in AWS cloud.| Worked on various tech stacks like Jenkins (CI/CD) Splunk, Nagios (Log management & Monitoring), Ansible/Chef (Configuration Management) and automation using Bash and Python Scripting.| For Machine Learning i have been using Tensorflow, Scikit-learn, Pandas etc.
  • Major Projects:
  • Accident Avoidance System for Automobile using CAN | Major Capstone Project |
  • The Project aimed to avoid car accident using control area network protocol.
  • Measured distance from the car ahead and manipulated speed accordingly via ultrasonic sensor.
  • Programmed in assembly language using microcontroller & interfaced it with ultrasonic sensors, transmitter & receiver components.
  • Set-up a CI/CD pipeline in AWS | DevOps Project |
  • Set up a CI.CD pipeline to automate software delivery process.
  • Initiated automatic builds and deployed to Amazon EC2 instances by using AWS CodePipeline. Orchestration done by AWS CodePipeline in each step of release process.
  • Plugged other AWS services into CodePipeline to complete software delivery pipeline.
  • Created pipeline to pull code from source repository and automatically deployed it to an Amazon EC2 instance
  • Big Data Analytics - US Airline Performance | Data Scieence Project |
  • Built a classification model on dataset from 1987 to 2008that predicts whether a flight will delay or not along with features selection and data visualization
  • Advanced Lane and Vehicle Detection in Self Driving Car | Autonomous Driving Project |
  • Used Sobel edge detection and perspective transforms from OpenCV library to detect lanes on a video from the self driving car using python.
  • Implemented as SVM to identify vehicles by training it on the KITTI dataset.
  • Achieved 99.3 test accuracy.
  • Technical Skills: Python/C++/Java/Jenkins/Docker/Ansible ● Git/Linux/Bash  ● Tensorflow/PyTorch ● AWS/Azure/GCP ● Nagios/Splunk ● MySQL/NoSQL ● Terraform/Kubernetes/Jira ● Hadoop/ Spark

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