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I am a Migration Engineer having 7+ years of experience in IT industry having strong skills in Microsoft Azure with Power Shell Script and Wintel Administration. I have worked on VM Ware platform support projects where i was handing following roles and responsibilities:
  • Roles & Responsibilities:
  • Installation, Configuration and administration of Windows 2008/20012 Servers.
  • Configuring and managed DHCP, DNS and Active Directory.
  • Managing Active Directory & creating new users accounts .
  • Assigning Folder Permissions to users.
  • Remote Server Administration through RDP Connection etc.
  • All the new Software's / Hardware's / Upgrades / Patches / Service Packs are tested on the test environment to ensure that the production is not affected. 
  • Installing, configuring and managing virtual infrastructure and virtual center 
  • Creating and managing virtual machines install Guest OS and VM Tools into VM's  
  • Creating and managing VMware cluster. Enabling HA and DRS features in a cluster. 
  • Adding Hard Disk as per customer requirements. 
  • Configurations of Virtual switches and network connections  
  • Performing Snapshots, Cloning, cold migrations and hot migrations. 
  • Create Virtual Machines using existing templates in ESXI servers . 
  • Assigning rights and privileges to users to access files and folders. 
  • Working on Hardware issue and coordinate to hardware team to replace the failed hardware 
  • Virtual Center vsphere 4.0 ,4.1 & 5.0 VI Client, P2V Converter. 
  • Administration and Trouble shooting of ESX/ESXi 5.0  to 5.1, ,vsphere4.0 ,4.1 & 5.0,5.5 Vsphere  Client 
  • Monitoring activity updates and track and complete the scheduled activities within team. 
  • Daily monitoring of server’s health status, Event Logs and disk spaces of critical servers to ensure availability. 
  • Creating Resource Pools and Setting limits on CPU and RAM. 
  • Configuring Virtual machines using Templates, Hot clone, Cold Clone and Cold Migration. 
  • Troubleshooting issues related to Virtual Machine, Vmotion, snapshots, clone and template. 

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